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  • [Jan. 2024] Our paper Refining Pre-trained Motion Models is accepted by ICRA'2024.

  • [Oct. 2023] Our paper Towards Better Structured Pruning Saliency by Reorganizing Convolution is accepted by WACV'2024.

  • [Sept. 2023] Started TA for Stanford CS330.

  • [June. 2023] Returned to the AV perception research team at NVIDIA for another research internship!

  • [June. 2023] Our paper Revisiting Deformable Convolution for Depth Completion is accepted by IROS'2023!

  • [June 2023] My paper Pruning for Better Domain Generalizability is accepted by SCIS @ ICML'2023!

  • [Mar. 2023] Our paper Hardware-Aware Latency Pruning for Real-Time 3D Object Detection is accepted by IV'2023!

  • [Jan. 2023] Started TA for Stanford CS103 and joined Prof.Leo Guibas research lab!

  • [Sept. 2022] Started grad school program at Stanford!

  • [Apr. 2022] Accepted the grad offer from CS@Stanford! 

  • [Mar. 2022] Received the Bronze Tablet Award for my graduation!

  • [Mar. 2022] Started a research internship at the AV perception research of NVIDIA!

  • [Mar. 2022] Our paper DiSparse: Disentangled Sparsification for Multitask Model Compression is accepted by CVPR'2022. My first first-author top conference paper!

  • [Dec. 2021] Graduated from ECE@ILLINOIS with a Bachelor of Science degree and a full GPA of 4.0 / 4.0 (Rank No.1)!

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